Water | Understand 2 Easy Ways

Three-fourths of earth surface is covered by water

Life would not have been possible on earth without water. In fact, life originated in water. Water covers three-fourths of the earth’s surface. It makes up 70 per cent of our body and 80 to more than 95 per cent of fruits and vegetables In ancient times, Water was considered an element. But now it … Read more

AI Proves Atom Structure Is WRONG

Atom Structure

AI Proves Atom Structure Is WRONG: The atomic models that we have been studying in schools and colleges are wrong. Because scientists have proven with the help of artificial intelligence that the fundamental structure of protons in atoms is wrong. Atom Structure According to Them There are up and down quarks in protons along with … Read more

Environmental Impact on Culture | Understand 2 Easy Way


Meaning of Environment : Environment is the set of surroundings which surround the human being from all sides and influence his life and activities. We include all the facts, objects, situations and conditions outside human beings, whose actions affect the life development of human beings. “Environment is anything immediately surrounding on object and exerting a … Read more