Revolt of 1857 | Part 1

Revolt of 1857

Objective The main objective of the present episode is to acquaint the readers with the revolt of 1857 AD. Under this, the causes of the rebellion, its expansion, its leadership with special reference to Kunwar Singh, the suppression of the rebellion, the reasons for the failure of the rebellion and its consequences will be discussed. … Read more



HISTORY BEER: The nature of fermentation was probably revealed to our ancestors by pure accident. Someone left probably half chewed barley in closed dish, still moist, ate the left over few days later and found himself delightful after having it. As civilization advanced, the preparation of such beverages too advanced. China In China Confucius and … Read more

Flowering Plants | Overview | Easy Way

Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants: From the tiny grass to the tall neem, from the prickly cactus to the floating lotus. from the bushy China rose to the climbing gourd, plants are of many types. In this chapter, we will discuss only those plants which bear flowers, or flowering plants. There are many plants. like ferns, mosses, pines … Read more